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Sadly, on May 21, - less than two weeks before the conference - Professor Haus succumbed to a heart attack after arriving home in Lexington, Massachusetts, from his regular, mile commute by bicycle from MIT.

He was Throughout his lengthy and illustrious career, Professor Haus had repeatedly and very successfully addressed problems of fluctuations and noise, with special focus on the fundamental issues that arise in quantum optics. To honour Professor Haus' legacy to our technical community, this special issue of Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics is dedicated to his memory.

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Inhe was conferred the honour of Institute Professor. Professor Haus had a lifelong fascination with noise.

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While still an undergraduate at Union College, he became aware of Norbert Wiener's theories of statistical phenomena - the new mathematics needed to understand and quantify the random fluctuations we refer to as noise. So it was that noise theory formed the core of Professor Haus' research during the s: noise in electron beams, noise in microwave amplifiers, and noise in amplifier cascades.

Kuraatorid Masha ja Andrei Melnikovid.

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